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In the game Diggles The Myth of Fenris we meet a dwarf whose task is to extract resources and harvest mushrooms. In this way he sees many enemies, bats are the main ones. Bats are hard workers and will do many activities around you. It is interesting to know that the main character of our story lives in a unique tribe of godfathers and they engage in various activities for their fun.

We see a variety of special warfare skills and techniques in this game that you can use to feed and entertain your troops. The tunnels this mine creates will soon contain the babies that will defend the territory in the future. Of course, there are other unique tribes that you can take to develop your colony. First, make sure you have the items you need and can use crafting and gathering tools. The game contains a story that will contain many missions for the dwarves in the story and nothing will be easy.

Diggle’s The Myth of Fenris v2.1.1.8 PC-GOG

In the game Diggles The Myth of Fenris we see more than 40 levels, each of which has a special and unique narrative. You can go through different problems and try to expand your experience. Each of the dwarves has a specific problem, and those problems create a limitation in them that, with much effort, will become a strength. We see weapons in the game that are unique to each of these dwarves, which they can use to achieve their goals. There is also an in-game tech tree that gives you more tools. The graphics of the game are simple, and at the same time, a very elegant music created a good underground atmosphere.

the information

DIG*GLE(n): an underground dwarf whose main function is to mine resources, harvest mushrooms and beat the enemies to survive. They are hardworking but enjoy recreational activities such as bowling, the disco, a trip to the pub and conservation. The Diggles dynasty was chosen by Godfather Odin to rid the world of Fenris, the hellhound.

Odin has made sure that no two Diggles are the same. Evolve each of them with a variety of skills and combat techniques so you can grow your clan. Give Diggles some downtime, make sure they’re fed and entertained, and soon your tunnels will be filled with angry babies. But don’t get too comfortable – there are other unique clans down there.

required system

Minimum system requirements:

Operating system: Windows 7 or higher

Processor: 2.0 GHz dual core CPU

Memory: 2GB RAM

Graphics: Graphics card with at least 2 GB RAM

DirectX: version 11

Storage: 2 GB available storage space

Additional comments: To run the game on Windows 7, please install the update KB4019990

Recommended system:

Operating system: Windows 10

Processor: 2.0 GHz dual core CPU

Memory: 4GB RAM

Graphics: Graphics card with at least 2 GB RAM

DirectX: version 11

Storage: 2 GB available storage space

installation Guide

1) Extract the compressed file with WinRar software and install the game.

2) The game is DRM-free and does not require a crack.

file information
File password:
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Download Guide

  1. To download, click on "Download" and wait for the relevant window to appear, then select the location of the file to be saved and wait until the download ends.
  2. If you do not have download management software, it is recommended to download a download manager, especially an internet download manager, to download files.
  3. The files placed to download are compressed to reduce volume and get faster, to extract files from the compressed version of Winrar software or similar.
  4. The password for opening the compressed file is All the letters should be typed in small and when typing into the EN / FA status of your keyboard note, it is also better to type a password and avoid Copy-Paste.
  5. If you encounter a CRC message when exiting the file, you will be logged in if you have entered the correct password. The file has been downloaded corrupted and you have to download it again. Of course, the bulky files have the ability to recover using the Winrar software to enter the Tools menu and select the Repair option to solve the downloaded file problem.
  6. Crack files due to the nature of the functionality when used may be detected by antivirus as a malicious file, in which case temporarily disable your antivirus.
  7. In the event of a file failure or any problem, you can put your comments in the comments section to address your problem as soon as possible.
  8. If the downloaded file or file was obtained after an iso format, you can mount the files using the UltrISO software. Then, go to the path where you saved the files and double-click on it. Or use this software to burn it.
  9. If the software requires cracking, crack in the folder with the same name or the ReadMe file you can check out the crack and crack the software.
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