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Deadpool 2016 is a movie about Wade Wilson. A former special forces agent who turned into a mercenary, who was subjected to a vicious experiment that accelerated his healing powers and created the Dedpul character. With new abilities and a sense of humorous sense of humor, Dedpul seeks to hunt down a man who almost destroyed his life.

Ded Money News:

Unlike other superhero superhero movies that use different atmospheres and atmospheres that use violence (unlike most of Marvel and DC's 13-year-olds, DeDolf's 17-year-old film, DeDolf has succeeded with surprise) Worthy of $ 150 million for the first week of its release, with the top authority of the table.

The success of the film was only in its opening weekend to the extent that it has already raised the rumor of making super-champion movies for the age group of 17 years old between filmmaking studios. Violence and comedy used in the DedPool film is very much like the comic world of this fascinating character, and it is considered by loyalists to stay in the atmosphere of books as the main factor behind the film's success.

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