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Data Analysis with Pandas and Python One of the training courses at is the introduction of this training course on data analysis by the Python language Pandas library as well as the Python language itself and its commands and functions.

Data Analysis with Pandas and Python You can do your analytics more advanced than excel and you'll understand the cutting edge technique by using data analysis and other data research in Silicon Valley. By getting this course you will be able to analyze the basic data in Python and Panda. In this course, you will learn a lot of tips and tricks that you will learn in the Berkeley UC Business Analysis course. This course is designed for those with moderate programming ability and are ready to take their analysis skills to the next level.

Data Analysis with Pandas and Python Topics:

  1. Installation and Setup
  2. The series
  3. DataFrames I
  4. DataFrames II
  5. DataFrames III
  6. Working with Text Data
  7. MultiIndex
  8. GroupBy
  9. Merging, Joining, and Concatenating

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