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These days, the need for internet and various websites is an urgent need. Now, despite the vast amount of information and content on Internet websites, you may sometimes need to extract them. In fact, it is important to have all the information of a website stored in a custom format for any software in the field. Today we are going to software Content Grabber Premium To share with you.

Content Grabber Premium The name of the software is a very useful and intelligent software that is responsible for extracting and storing information of various websites in your preferred format. The most important feature of this software is an instant report of site changes that keep you up to date with the changes you want to make. Software for extracting web content, saving information in custom format, supporting spreadsheet formats, monitoring competitors' social network, scheduling for automatic extraction, beautiful user interface and more. Come on. You can now get the latest version of this software with a direct link from the Bit Download site.

Content Grabber Premium Features:

  • Software for extracting web content
  • Save data in the custom format
  • Supports spreadsheet formats
  • Ability to monitor competitors' social networks
  • Scheduler for automatic extraction
  • Very nice user interface
  • And . . .

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