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Broken City 2013 (Desolate City): A private detective is hired by the mayor to chase his wife, but he does not take long for himself to find himself in an accounted map, and now he wants to take revenge on him.

Billy Taggart is a New York police officer who was charged with assassination of Mickey Tawares. But the mayor of Nicholas Hastotler and the city police chief cleans up important evidence and acquit Bailey. However, he comes out of the police department and prefers to act as a private detective from now on. Seven years later, Billy lives with his nominee, Natalie, who is the victim's sister of Mikey. His secretary, Katie Bardshaw, is trying to raise their debts to save their work. As long as the “Hastotler” deal is found, he offers $ 25,000 in return for his wife's pursuit.

Bailey accepts the mayor's proposal, and after several chases he realizes that the mayor's wife is secretly meeting a man named “Paul Andrews.” “Paul Andrews is coordinator of Jack Walent's campaign campaign, which is Houston's hard-headed rival. When Paul's body is found on one of the streets, Billy finds out that Hardback has been missed by Hastotler and decided ….

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