Download Blade Runner Movie – Blade Runner 1982 with English Duplication

Blade Runner: 2019, and a Los Angeles police officer will act to stop killer robots. But, four of these robots escape, and when they enter the city of Los Angeles, they try to find their creator and get to her company.

The 21st century is a company that makes human-looking robots for use as a slave outside the ground, called the “Repilacanth”. In 2019, a former police officer named Rick DeCard will be trapped and hunted by a group of republicans to prevent their involvement in Los Angeles. However, four of them escape in any way and enter Los Angeles to find their own company, but ….

Awards list:

  • Won Best BAFTA Film Award
  • Wins the best design of the BAFTA Film Award
  • Wins Best Production Designer, BAFTA Film Award

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