Download Autodesk PowerShape 2019.1.1 – Industrial application component modeling


These days, computers in the industry play an unmistakable role. More important than computers themselves are computer software that plays the main role. Autodesk is leading in this field and has always been developing CAD software. Different software in this field has been produced and marketed by the Autodesk company. Today we plan to have one of the newest software developed by this company Autodesk PowerShape To give you.

Autodesk PowerShape The name is a highly advanced and specialized software specially designed for 3D design and modeling of industrial parts and machines. This software has an environment like other AutoCAD products and is fully familiar to users. The existence of a complete library of ready-made components, CNC-programmed programming capabilities, a highly accurate scale, a variety of tools for designing components, the ability to specify holes and threads of various parts, etc., are a small part of the capabilities of this software. To come You can now download the latest version of this software with a direct link from the download bit site.

Autodesk PowerShape features:

  • The existence of a complete library of ready-made parts
  • Programmable capability by CNC machine
  • It has a very precise scale
  • Has a diverse and efficient tool for designing parts
  • Possibility to specify holes and threads of different parts
  • And . . .

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