Download Autodesk EAGLE Premium 8.0.1 – Designing Electronic Circuits

As you know, the computer has been deployed in a variety of areas and has managed to revolutionize it. One of the most advanced parts of the computer was the development and design of electronic boards. The design of boards and electronic circuits with the computer, has saved dramatically time and money. But this requires the use of a very powerful software, which is why the software today Autodesk EAGLE Premium We will provide you with it.

Autodesk EAGLE Premium The name of the software is a familiar name from Autodesk, a company specializing in the design of boards and electronic circuits. This software application is similar to Proteus and MaxPlasm and is very useful for students in the field of electronics and computers. The existence of a library of electronic components is one of the most important points about this software. A complete professional environment and a variety of tools for creating schematic circuits and wiring through naming are the strengths of this program. The ability to design PBC circuits, support for DDR4, PCI Express, 999 schematic sheets, the ability to synchronize design, It has the ability to design a module, have a library editor and so on. You can now download the latest version of this software with a direct link from the site Direct Download Links Receive


  • Electronic circuit design software
  • Has a library of electronic components
  • Ability to wire through naming
  • Ability to design PBC circuits
  • Supports DDR4, PCI Express
  • Design synchronization capability
  • Possibility of modular design
  • Has a library editor
  • And . . .

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