Download AspenTech aspenONE v8.8 – simulation software in chemical and petroleum engineering


Software suite aspenone Aspen Technology is a unique, complete and powerful suite for designing and simulating process and process units, and is the main software used by chemical and petrochemical engineers. The suite includes various software applications that are most commonly used as Aspen HYSYS and Aspen Plus software to design and simulate the steps and equipment required for a variety of Aspen Exchanger Design and Rating software or Aspen EDR – which is in fact a full replacement and enhancements for Aspen + HTFS and Aspen B-JAC – to design a variety of heat exchangers.

Features and features of the set aspenone

– Designing and simulating professional equipment of power plants, oil and gas tanks and …

– Flexible, yet highly accurate design with strong thermodynamic foundation

– Use of material properties packs to predict physical properties, thermodynamics and other properties.

– Precise and advanced design of all kinds of pumps, reactors, converters and …

– Simulation of the various steps of a process such as reaction, isolation, heating and … with full details

– Extensive and extensive library of software

– Has the ability to code in some software such as Aspen Plus


Software Package Notes aspenone :

– This version is provided with full licensing and cracking.

– Since the 2006 version, there was a crack for this suite that did not activate all features and modules of the new versions, but the new license provided 85% of the entire aspenONE collection and 100% of the current software version of the suite.

– Full Farsi tutorial and video installation and activation of this collection, along with the package and also provided separately.

– A fairly complete collection of HYSYS video tutorials as well as books and examples for this collection are presented separately.

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