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A Beautiful Mind (A Beautiful Mind) : After John Nash, a genius but non-socialist mathematician, accepts a private cryptography business, his life becomes a nightly nightmare.

“John Forbes Nash” is a mathematician's genius who at the beginning of his career achieves a strange discovery and is on the verge of international acclaim. But this prudent genius soon sees himself on a painful and agonizing journey of self-knowledge. After a few years of controversy with himself, he eventually succeeds in winning his tragedy and receiving his Nobel Prize in mathematics at the end of his life.

Awards list:

  • Won the best Oscar movie of the year
  • Best Oscar winner
  • Won Best Actress for Oscar
  • The winner of the best writing, the script is based on what Oscar has already produced or published
  • The winner of the best film – the story of Golden Globe
  • Wins the best male actor in the Golden Globe drama film
  • Winner of Best Actress in Golden Globe
  • Winner of Best Golden Globe Film Scene
  • The winner is the BAFTA Film Award
  • Winner of Best Actress BAFTA Film Award

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