Download Alien Movie – Alien 1979 with English Dub

Alien: After the crew of a spacecraft receive an emergency message from one of the planets, they will land on the planet for help. However, there they are faced with a strange existence that attacks one person, and this is the beginning of this alien life cycle.

In the near future, the crew of a commercial space ship will receive an emergency call from another planet to return home. The people of this space ship will take on the search and land on that planet. After a troublesome landing, three crew go for a search. Along with finding an accumulation center of unknown creatures, a message is displayed on the ship's computer that the received call was not an emergency call and was in fact a warning and alert. One of the people who searched for a search was attacked by a foreigner, and they left the spacecraft quickly to escape, no matter where he was quarantined. But along the way, the crew find that they have unwittingly admired the alien and ….

Awards list:

  • Wins the best Oscar image effect
  • Won Best Producer of the BAFTA Film Award
  • Winner of Best Music from BAFTA Film Award

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