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Every day the computer world is progressing more and more. Many software and applications are made for browsers. For example, consider flash games. They are made by the flash tool for web environments and are also attractive. But newly called software Adobe AIR It can execute written Web applications without the need for a browser and completely independent on the system.

Adobe AIR The name of one of Adobe's most recent products, specially for Windows, is dedicated to running apps made by Ad Air. This program is actually a runtime that allows the use of Css and HTML capabilities, and so on. The most important feature of Adobe Air is that when you create your application, it's easy to get it out for different operating systems, and no longer have to write the program for the particular operating system from the beginning. Full support for Java Script and Action Script has made professional programmers to easily achieve their goals. You can now download the latest version of this software with a direct link from the site Direct Download Links Receive

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