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A Quiet Place (silent place) In a world full of chaos, a family is forced to live in a completely silent place to survive and survive by the hands of monsters with extraordinary hearing impairments.

The parents of a family will do their best to protect their children from any damage to strange creatures who hear the sound of anything they destroy. No sound should be made out of the family; only by creating a sound everything goes wrong, and it ends at the expense of their lives. The family has three children, a girl named Ragan and two boys named Marcus and Bio. The little boy's family, “Bio”, is 4 years old and has a toy robot that works with battery and has a loud sound.

After the events of the arrival of these monsters, his father takes his toy from him and brings his battery. But, “Ragan”, away from his parents' eyes, returns the toy with his brother to play with his brother, but when the family returned home through the jungle, near the bridge, “Bio” Her gadget brings a clear message that, in the sound of it, one of the monsters near the forest, hears it and attacks the bio and kills him in place.

One year after this, “Ragan” considers himself responsible for the death of his brother. On the other hand, her mother is pregnant again and her childbirth has come. But… .

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