Do not leave the house – Do not Leave Home 2018

Do not Leave Home 2018 (Do not leave the house): An American artist who is interested in artwork and paintings, after hearing an old legend about a mysterious painting, goes to Ireland to discover the truth.

“Melanie Thomas” is an American artist whose latest show was related to the adventure of an infamous Irish priest named “Elistor Burke”. According to legends, the pastor takes a painting of an 8-year-old girl, which, after several days of mysterious disappearance, the girl's face disappears from the painting. Since then, the priest who blamed himself, abdicates himself as a priest and exiles himself. After Melanie receives bad feedback from people about this, she contacts the same pastor and goes to Ireland on her proposal. Melanie does not tell anyone about going to Ireland. But when it arrives, he realizes that the legends said can be real.

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