Chung King Express – Chungking Express 1994

Chungking Express 1994 (Chang King Express): Two sorrowful police officers fall in love: one loves a mysterious criminal woman, and the other loves a pretty woman who works at the nightly restaurant and meets repeatedly.

The film tells two distinct stories, the only way to share them with a restaurant. The first half of the film is about a young police officer named 223 who has completed his relationship with his girlfriend after five years. He will buy a can of pineapple with the expiration date of “May 1” (April 1); if his mistress returns within this one month, he will forgot anything, if not forever. The second half of the movie is about the officer 663, whom he has just cut off with his fellow air hostess. Sholtr y afterwards, she is introduced to a girl working in a restaurant near her workplace.

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