Chinese neighborhood movie – Chinatown 1974

ChinatownA private detective has been recruited to pursue a corrupt man, but in this way he is trapped in deception, corruption and murder.

In 1937 Los Angeles, a private detective named Jake Gates, whose job is to chase dishonest wives and betrayal of work, is hired by a woman for this purpose. This time, his goal is a famous Los Angeles Water and Power Engineer named “Holly Mallory” whose husband suspected his loyalty. During Mallory's pursuit, he did not see anything; daily meetings with other companies and contracts to create a dam to save more water, including what Mallory was doing; although Strongly opposed to building a dam. But, one day, Jake, who was following Mallory, finds that she is an anonymous woman. The next day, in all the newspapers, the news will be released that will bring the main story.

Awards list:

  • Winner of Best Writing, original script from Oscar
  • The winner of the best film – a story from the Golden Globe
  • Winner of Best Director of Golden Globe Film
  • Winner of Best Golden Globe Film Scene
  • Winner of Best Actor of the Golden Globe
  • Winner of Best Actor from BAFTA Film Award
  • Won Best Director of the BAFTA Film Award
  • Winner of Best Screenplay from BAFTA Film Award

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