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Chesapeake Beach Champs – Chesapeake Shores 2016 Season III Last Episode

Chesapeake Shores (Chesapeake Beaches): A young woman returns to her birthplace to help her sister, who is bankrupt, but she has to face her past and her memories.

“Abbey Brian” divorces his wife and lives with his two young children. One day he receives a frightening phone call from his younger sister, Jesse, which prompts him to go to his hometown, the Chesapeake Coast, very soon. There, they should rescue an inn where her sister had restored it and now they had claims to own it. Meanwhile, he faces Tris Riley, a man who left him 10 years ago. At first Tris opposes them, but unexpectedly changes their minds and becomes one of their supporters. Maybe he wants to try his luck again in love, but ….

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