Chaos movie – Ran 1985 with English dubbing

Ran: In the middle ages of Japan, an elderly warlord retires and gives his kingdom to his three sons. However, this authority and power will cause its sons to fight and take action against each other, even against their father.

A Japanese warlord, “Hyttori Amononymy”, decides to retire again and divide his power among his three sons. His grand and middle son, Taro and Giro, agree with their father's decision and promise to take care of their father until the end of his life; but, the younger son, Sabouro, opposes them all, and Believes that his brothers are lying, and for this reason, his father rejects him. With time and warlord's retirement, he realizes that his two eldest boys are very selfish and do not act as they promise. This leads to a war that only his excommunicated little boy, Saboru, can save him.

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