Budapest Grand Hotel – The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014 with English Dvds

The Grand Budapest Hotel: A legendary concierge in one of the most famous hotels called “Big Budapest Hotel” during the years between World War I and II, and a boy named “Ziro Mostafa” working in the hotel lobby, best friend He turns.

The film is an adventure of Gustavo Hatch, which operates in the famous Buddhist hotel in Guatemala. The story starts from the point where a valuable painting from the Renaissance is stolen, which also jeopardizes the great wealth of a family.

Awards list:

  • Wins the best production achievement of Oscar
  • Wins the best achievement in Oscar's artistic makeup
  • Wins the best achievement in designing Oscar
  • Winner of Best Written Music – Original Organic Music from Oscar
  • The winner of the best film – a comedy or musical from Golden Globe
  • Winner of Best Original Screenplay from the BAFTA Film Award
  • Winner of Best Original Song from BAFTA Film Award
  • Won Best Producer of the BAFTA Film Award
  • Wins the best design of the BAFTA Film Award
  • Wins the BAFTA Film Award's Best Artifact

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