Blood film will be released – There Will Be Blood 2007 with English dubbing

There Will Be Blood: A story of family, religion, hatred, oil and madness, which focuses more on a specialist in the twentieth century and early in his business.

This movie is the story of the intersection of the lives of “Daniel Pliny Wave” and “Eli Sundy” in the early 20th century in California. “Daniel” was a miner who will later work on drilling wells. He is the man who does anything to achieve his goals. “Daniel” works hard and is very hard-working, but, if necessary, also uses the others for work. His partner is his son-in-law, who is actually the son of a subordinate worker who died of an accident at work. “Daniel” cares well for his adopted son and he always cares for him, and although his real boy is not, he loves him a lot. One day, Daniel will be aware of the existence of an oil well in the West of America, and will go with his famous son to discover it and succeed in finding it. But this discovery and getting rich leads to hatred and killing.

Awards list:

  • Won the best Oscar video achievement
  • The winner is the best male actor in Oscar
  • Wins the best male actor in the Golden Globe drama film
  • The winner is the BAFTA Film Award's top male actor

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