Black Strong Black Swan 2010

Black Swan 2010 (Black Strong): A perfectionist ballet dancer earns the main role of Tychy-Kovsky's “strong black” show, which also jeopardizes his mental health.

Nina (played by Natalie Portman) is a ballet dancer working in New York City's Ballet Company, and is like a ballerina full of dance full of life. She lives with her mother, Erika, who has previously been a failed ballerina, and is heavily dominated by her mother. When the director of art Thomas Leroy decides to replace someone else for Backstreet Black instead of Beth McKinteyre, Nina is the first person to appear. But Nina has a rival: “Lily” is a new dancer who has drawn the attention of “Leroy”.

In this show, someone selected for the main role should be able to play in two strong white roles that show innocence and grace and a strong black that represents guilt and cloak. Nina is very good at playing a strong white role, while her rival, Lily, looks great for her strong black role. As the two compete for this role together, Nina will be more close to her bad temper ….

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