BackTrack 5 R3 / Kali Linux 1.0.9a x86 / x64


BackTrack and Kali Linux are the most powerful security and security testing platforms. As you know, the Linux operating system after Windows is considered to be the most popular operating system used by a huge number of users around the world, and one of the important features of this operating system is having different versions for doing various tasks, all of which are completely free of charge. Optional users.

Kali Linux is a Linux distribution for security and hacking. This distribution was made by the back-up builder team, and unlike the Ubuntu-based crackback, Kali is based on Debian. The BackTrack project is no longer supported by the team's creator, and Kali has replaced it.

BackTrack software

BackTrack is a legitimate operating system with specific features that is used by security and attackers and is used to detect weaknesses and network penetration testing and security vulnerabilities. Back crawl is an operating system that was created in 2006 with the goal of enhancing network security and based on the Linux operating system, and to this day has been able to achieve its main goals by providing various versions and application tools and Open Source, as well as The popular operating system is the hacker.

The latest version of Ubuntu Linux-based operating system is the version of BackTrack 5 R3, which ended with the release of this operating system in 2012, and the upgrade team arrived in 2013 in a new and far-reaching world. Kali, with more than 300 unique testing and penetration tools and features, and the use of the Debian core, a new spirit in the body of this powerful operating system, the operating system, like the backbone of the best and most complete tools in this topic And uses it in a much more powerful way.


  • – Wireless network analysis
  • – Network Mapping
  • – Web App Analysis
  • – Discover security holes
  • – Obtain unauthorized access
  • – Collect information about the target system
  • – Ability to use live
  • – More than 300 testing and penetration tools
  • – Digital retrieval and interrogation
  • – Support for ARM based systems (in Kali version)
  • – Has a GNOME 3 environment (customizable to the environment)
  • – Support for all languages ​​in the world
  • – Full support for English language
  • – Supports internal and external wireless network cards
  • – Absolutely free and open source
  • – Get the latest version of Debian (Kali)
  • – Graphic and attractive environment

Kali Linux software capabilities

Full customization of ISO files and the creation of custom images from Kali Linux
– High flexibility in the definition of features and the possibility of self-installing, reverse VPN auto-connecting and network bridging Kali image
– Install from USB
– Full encryption with LUKS Full Disk Encryption or FDE
– Automatically deploy the Kali operating system
– Mastering Kali Linux Professional Tools with Kali Metapackages
– Support for EFI boot
– Provided as a live DVD with the ability to run on DVD or installed on a hard disk
– Run through the virtual machine
– Applicable to all organs, institutions and IT companies
– Suitable for all IT professionals with a high level of expertise
– Test of permeability and security
– Complete and up-to-date security toolkit

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