Avatar Avatar – Avatar 2009 with English Duplicate

Avatar 2009 (Avatar): A former naval officer in the United States is participating in a project called “avatars” to infiltrate the planet Pendora (Navy's Planet) as a navy to gain important information from them, but has gradually moved there. Interested in.

Jake Sally, a former US Army member who lost both legs during a mission, is selected to control a simulated entity known as Navies. The Navy's planet is rich in rich resources and unique environments, where the atmosphere does not fit into humans, and you must be a Navy to step there. Humans, who became aware of the planet's resources, plan to attack there and attack the ecosystem's wealth by destroying the indigenous people.

On the other hand, a project called “avatars” that wants to revive the life and culture of the Navy's people has created a totally resembling navy that can be controlled from far too far, from the earth. Jake is supposed to control it. But during the mission, she is acquainted with the daughter of the head of the Navy tribe, and a deep emotional relationship arises between them, which makes Jake make a very difficult decision ….

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