Apartment Apartment – The Apartment 1960 with Farsi Subtitles

The Apartment : A man has given his apartment for appointment to his managers to raise his rank in his company, but this has consequences and emotional adventures.

CBS Baxter is an insurance company employee in 1959, working for nearly four years at this major company in Manhattan. He has to stay in the company for a long time, not to work, but because he can not go to his apartment until midnight, in order to be able to raise his own among thousands of employees. In fact, he places his apartment for romantic appointments for the sake of appealing to the managers of the company. “Baxter” is a shy and single man, and no girlfriend has a girlfriend, but he likes a girl named Fern Koblick, who is in the same company as the elevator. One day, Baxter's chairman, Mr. Schlagerick, first reads him to his office and tells him that he needs his apartment tonight. Baxter also agrees, but he does not know that he will be going to Mr Schlagerick tonight with Ferrand and …

Awards list:

  • Won the best Oscar movie of the year
  • Best Oscar winner
  • Wins the best Oscar compilation
  • Wins the best writing, story and script written for the Oscar film
  • Winner of Best Director of Art, Decoration, Black and White from Oscar
  • Winner of Best Actor – Comedy or Musical Film from Golden Globe
  • Winner of Best Actor – Golden Globe Comedy or Musical
  • Winner of Best Golden Globe Comedy
  • Winner of Best Actress from BAFTA Film Award
  • Won the best male actor from the BAFTA Film Award
  • Won the best film from any source from the BAFTA Film Award

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