Anime Peter Rabbit – Peter Rabbit 2018

Peter Rabbit (Peter Rabbit): This animation is based on a novel with the same name, which narrates the story of Peter the Rabbit, a mischievous kid who draws interesting maps to enter a peasant farm on a vegetable garden.

“Peter the Rabbit,” along with her three sisters, “Flappsy”, “Mopsie” and “Catne-Tiel”, and their cousin Benjamin, are constantly trying to enter “John McGregor” vegetable gardens to steal her vegetables. Until one day, Mr. McGregor is dead, and there is no longer anyone in front of these smart rabbits. They go safely to Mr. McGregor's house and garden, and they do whatever they want. However, this garden house and garden are inherited by one of the acquaintances that, with the finding of Mr. McGregor's new headline, everything becomes hard for rabbits. He plans to sell the house, but after a while, he fell in love with a girl from the same village called “Bea”, which makes him want to stay there, but it's too late because ….

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