Animation Mary and Max – Mary and Max 2009 with English Dub

Mary and Max (Mers and Max) : The story of a friendship between a 8-year-old girl, Mary, who lives in the suburbs of Melbourne and a very fat old man living in New York.

In the mid-1970s, an 8-year-old Australian girl, who lives with his alcoholic mother and his distressed father, has no friends. One day he selects a random name from the Manhattan phone book and writes a letter to him and sends a chocolate with it. This anonymous person is a middle-aged and obese man, Max Hurwitz, who lives alone in New York City. Max receives the answer after receiving the letter and posts it with Mary for a chocolate. In this way, a 20-year correspondence begins with interruptions due to misunderstandings. “Mary” loves her neighbor, he collects money to destroy her congenital fecundity and softens her hand and body. “Max” is friends with his neighbor, he tries to control his weight and ultimately earns his dream job. But do they finally manage to face each other?

It's interesting to know that this animation is based on a true story.

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