A Witness for the Prosecution 1957

Witness for the ProsecutionAn experienced English lawyer should defend his client against the charge of murder, but a surprise is happening behind the scenes.

Here is the UK in 1953. Mr. Wilfried Roberts is a well-off lawyer who has survived a heart attack and is now undergoing a recovery. The medical team tells him that he has to stay away from work and rest just for a while. Even a private nurse constantly cares for him so that his attorney can not smoke and drink and take medication on time. But, upon his return home, he accepts a murder case to prove him innocent in court. The case comes from a man named Leonard Wale, who was previously an American warrior and now unemployed and poor, and has been charged with the murder of a fifty-six-year-old Emily Franch, a single, rich widow. Has been. The preliminary evidence is quite implausible, but all of them refer to Leonardo as a murderer. Even though Leonardo married a Christian woman from Christian East Germany, she sold her friendship with French to be able to sell one of her inventions. But … .

Awards list:

  • Won the best female actor from the Golden Globe

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